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I Just Want to Know

I just want to know……
In what path you are walking on
In what direction you are heading to
In what sight you are looking at

In what dream you are reaching for
In what future you are hoping in

In what life you are living
In what being you are searching

I just want to know…..
In what way you are now….

Here I’m standing, facing at a door
With all of my questions
With all of my lack-decisions
And hope it will be over soon

When I was standstill and turned my head around
I saw you right in the place I hope you are
There you are holding the key of the room I’m facing at
So would you please open it for me?

Then I can see what it likes and what its fill is
If it is a nice room that I’ll be able to put the rest of my life in
If it is a wide room that I’ll be able to leave my heart in
Or it is a room fully filled by emptiness that I have to keep away
And a room that I have to leave behind



These words are all I have and all I can write, or all I can think by the meantime of waiting. Just with all mistakes of the words,  structures or grammars.

May be the length of it can’t tell you anything.But the depth of its meaning may explain you everything.

And after all, would you like to answer? Or just let me standstill figuring out how it will be. Without knowing it will be the best or the worst.

At least give me answers so I’ll be able to expect the ending without lamenting, because I’ve tried what I want you to be…..


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