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You Know What

it has no scent….
it has no color nor shape….
it wouldn’t ask for your permission
not also knock at your eye
it just flows with your breathe
runs with your blood
and when you feel its presence it was too late
it has sneaked in your heart..
then you’ll be asked whether you get on your knees
or unsheathe your sword…….
you can admit your defeat
or reclaim your heart….

there are sometimes it goes smooth..
thus no need for war..nor the tears..
both you and it can get along..
it’s what they called “a happy ending”
but there are sometimes it goes rough..
lot of things crash each other..
with no chance to keep them all..
decission has to be made..
run away with a longlive pain
or keep on your feet to start the war..

there is no one can ensure it
what a big lie if there is one
you can desribe it everything…
it can be whatever you want..
it can be the most beautiful thing you ever know
it can be the honest savior you ever meet
it can be coloured by a bright one
it can make your heart racing
and make your face flushing

there is no one can ensure it
you can desribe it everything…
it can be the most fearful thing you can imagine
coloured by the dark one….
causing a hurtless pain covered with tears and smiles
you were severely injured…with a loudly laugh…
it’s for its sake…just for its sake..
that’s what makes it beautiful in the end
they called it “sacrifice”

when it comes to make a war..
don’t ever turn on your back..
running away hoping it will be better as the time flies..
but standstill…believe that you’ll win..
because while it is admirable strong…there is one point to stab on..

IT HAS NO LOGIC…yeah LOVE has no Logic

so…there is no need to fear…
don’t FEEL for its presence but THINK of its presence..
don’t put it in your HEART…but put it in your BRAIN…
make it thinking…then let it be…
it will run down weakening…shrinking…
to the time you deliver your last blow…
and put an end…
what a confused word for a confused thing…what a relieve if it just be a simple thing..
do it because of Alloh and leave it because of Him…
that a simplest way to put..
…then LOVE will have a FEEL and a LOGIC …


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